Friday, April 8, 2011

Woodland flowers at their best

The wonderful thing about flowers, is that flowers are wonderful things. And this Spring there are loads of them here at Moses. Everywhere. All along the river banks and the flatter parts of the mountain hillsides, the prettiest, most magical of tiny yellow, blue and white flowers pop up between rocks and moss, in clearings away from the heathers and gorse, which respond to the little carpet of woodland beauty, by themselves blooming in purples and whites and yellows.

The wee flowers took my breath away this week. Here are just a few snaps, but as always with this place, impossible to capture the feeling that the colourful firework display of Spring brings after a cold wet winter. It's as if you stumble into another world where pixies could easily by running around, flower height, in plain sight. Tread carefully.

River has her potting shed. Finally. I built it for her last week. I suspect she'll be spending months if not years of her life in that little shed. Loving baby plants and trees into existence. Once she has it all neat and tidy and tools and photos hung up, I'll get the kids to do an interview with her in it. It's their last day of term today, easter break next week when my parents arrive. They'll see Moses in the Spring. And like us, we'll be smitten.

Half a sack of potatoes is also in the ground. yet we bought 2 sacks to plant this year and have already used up all the beds allocated for them. So, very glad that we have a young Aussie wwoofer coming this weekend called Con. He'll be hoeing and digging over the fruit orchard terraces next week in readiness to plant the rest of the potatoes. Can't have enough potatoes. Apart from hunger busters, the plants themselves are beautiful and worth it for the flower show they'll produce in June.

River is also sowing sowing sowing. In the bedroom, in the kitchen garden beds, in the long terraces at Moses, in the herb garden, and in the courtyard. Feels a bit like we live in a national trust nursery, surrounded on all sides by little veggies and annuals in pots, trays, vases and plastic gutters. What a show it's going to be in Summer! Can't wait.

Arlene is settling in really well to the pace of country life, looking after us and the wwoofers, cooking inventively and intuitively with what comes out of the garden every day and planning dishes for the veggies that she's watching River sow. A bit like planning their execution before they've been born! But that's what they're for. Eating. Consuming. Savouring. The big challenge, will be for us to grow, harvest, store and prepare enough food to last through the winter.

Hope your Spring days are full of life and hope.

Peace and love