Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kids move into their new house

Well we did it. A bit tight to the deadline of my Mum and Dad coming out. But managed to get the house livable before they arrived. Felt very much like one of those surprise TV renovation shows where they only get a weekend to transform a place before the owners get back. On Monday, the day before the royal visit,  6 pairs of brackets hung, 13 huge slabs of granite and marble work surfaces carried down the hill and mounted, 8 sinks 2 bidets 1 shower and 11 taps plumbed in, glass and fittings for 12 doors finished off, all in a single day. We even managed to spend Tuesday morning bringing tractor loads of bark chip down to place around the house to turn it quickly from a building site into something resembling a house. Have a look...

Here's a clip from the kids Oleiros School Gymnastic show in town with every class in the local area doing a wee thing. Great night and this vid is Eli in action (she's the tall one!). Battery ran out for Josh's performance so can't show you that he nailed a perfect front flip off a trampette.

That's all for now. River and I are still sleeping in the house down at Moses until we've finished off the decorating in the new bedroom. Josh and Eli have moved out into their new place. After 3 years of temporary accommodation in which we have moved 8 times it is a lovely thing to have finally given them a permanent home. Until, that is, they fly the nest once more.

Peace and all good things.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Xisto Slate Floors and Bye Bye Lovely Builders

Video blog of the final, yes final, fortnight of professional restoration work on our Xisto stone houses here at Moses. The builders left yesterday. Von and I are immensely grateful for them, especially for all that they taught us in the process. But now they're gone and we have the house to ourselves once again. 3 weeks til my Mum and Dad arrive and still a fair bit left to go before the house will be ready to receive them. Deep breath...