Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Active Hands Yoga Interview

A big thanks to Bettina Shzu from Berlin for her interview with Vonetta yesterday...

Do you ever dream about traveling around Europe for a few months without a schedule or a plan? Either alone or with your husband and kids?
Do you ever dream about quitting a life that doesn’t fit you and finding through serendipity an abandoned stone farmhouse near a pond surrounded by wooded mountains?
Do you ever dream of teaching yoga, growing your own food, drinking wine from your own grapes, and raising your kids in nature?
Do you ever dream about making your life and home a healing project?
Most people have some sort of dream like these. But they say—someday I’ll get around to that.
Today meet Vonetta. She’s living those dreams right now in Portugal as a yoga teacher and massage therapist at Vale de Moses.

Read the full interview here on Bettina´s Active Hands Yoga Blog.