Sunday, May 12, 2013

Interview with Tashi Dawa

Very sad to say goodbye to Tashi yesterday. We can't wait to see her again in the Autumn. Watch this space for more info of her return. Plus a few more photos from our guests over the last fortnight. More on Facebook.

Mountain View
Lunch Prep
Dinner in Courtyard

Vale de Moses

Farmhouse and Yoga Shala

Yoga Shala

Mung bean Pancakes

Partner Yoga

Safira drinking


Marte and Jordan

Katherine Smith

Jordan on the path
Sr António in Abitureira

Ana with Dona Celeste in Abitureira

Mug and Candle

Josh and Andrew

Moses napping

River in the valley

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Through the lens of our guests

April has just flown by. One of the most exciting we've had here in Portugal so far. Started so cold and wet. Now people are bathing daily in the rivers that run through the land in the heat of the afternoon sun. Should be ready for planting out the veggies this week. Finally.

Plus we've had guests from all over the world pop by for some rest in our home in the forest. What a joy to have been able to take care of them all. They've bought such light, kindness and gratitude to our little family. As well as some amazing photos from their wanderings through the valleys and forests. (Thanks Zoe Barling for all your iPhone shots on today's post.) It's a real treat to look at our place through someone else's eyes.

I've been enjoying creating some new dishes with the herbs and salads from the kitchen garden and the first produce from our neighbours farm too. Grelhos are the new green shoots from the coming year's cabbages, broccolies and turnip tops. Steamed with some tamari sauce, a little lime juice and a sprinkling of pepper and freshly cut herbs. Delish! Especially when they're picked in the morning and served for lunch. Pranamictastic. :)

Plan is to carve out some time this month to blog some recipes and share a few tales and reflections of our life on a yoga retreat. But for now I'll leave you with some photos and a We Love Moses TV walk around the farmhouse courtyard and new yoga shala.

Enjoy and may you feel the sap rising inside of you this Spring.




Yoga Shala Windows arrive!

River Trip in the Truck

Washing Line


Yoga at Vale de Moses

Waterfall in the valley

Aduki beans


By the River

Forest trail

Farmhouse Courtyard


Eucalyptus Woods

Farmhouse View

Dining Table

Swimming in the Zêzere

Guest House

Farmhouse Kitchen

Laughter Yoga

Meadow Flowers

Partner Yoga Von and Eli

River trip

Yoga at Moses

Wild River Flower Bouquet

Spring Flowers

Spring Dip in the Zezere

Safira Chillaxing

Poppies in May

Silent Morning Walks before Yoga

Lunch Menu


Poppy meadow

Steps of the guest house

Moses & Safira by bench

Amanda and Safira 
The view from Abitureira