Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Big Back Garden

Hi everyone it’s been a while but it just means that when there is a blog you know there is going to be quality (I hope) and quantity.
We spent 4 months in London doing the things you do in many different places. We started off in Dulwich playing golf with my grandfather, baking cakes (nine months without apple crumble I could have died for a good oven!) with my grandmother, going to Dulwich village every other day for books and glasses and bread and… you get the picture. After our luxurious stay in Dulwich we moved uptown to a million pound flat (result) belonging to dad’s old boss just overlooking Hyde Park. We did the most obvious thing if you were to stay in central London, we visited London. I spent my birthday with my friends and cousins speed boating down the river Thames. We watched movies went to bed early (the next day!) went to the aquarium and just enjoyed the ten days we had of being in London town. After a few weeks in Dulwich we went back to being a Londoner, and Londoner means soufeast London blad ya get me. Spen’ a few days wiv me friends and loved angel to bits. Felt a’ bit strange bein’ home again as if we wasn’ supposed to be there as if i’ was time to move on bu’ we had to say goodbye. Living life as it was before is always kind of strange. It feels as if (you can’t feel anything physically of course) the past has come up and bit you on the bum and pulled you back a few years, it really brings back memories.
After a flight where mummy and I were positive that we heard a meow and maybe a whimper from the heated hold we stepped out stretched and were revitalised. I instantly felt that we were supposed to be here (that’s coming from mister ‘I want to live in Italy’). We went back and collected our stuff picked up a jetlagged dog and a catnip drunk cat and set off. After a long drive (involving two coffee breaks and an incident with the police (we went round the roundabout twice)) we finally got home for a midnight snack (or dinner) with Michelle, "Tom and Jerry" in our fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing house in Olieros, this felt like home and things to come (dumdumdum dum, dumdumdum dum). Olieros is great but we probably spent 500,000€ on petrol alone so we moved up to Amieira after "Tom and Jerry" had gone back to London.

My work so far has been shifting stones to make a step; helping build a dry toilet; helping build a brick s**t house; helping take down a brick s**t house; helping build a mimosa (highly flammable wood) and string s**t house (enough with the compost bin OK); cutting insane amounts of string (three blooming 5m balls); shifting more stones (for what purpose? I don’t know. WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!); shifting bricks (ha ha ha very funny); sorting out a grey water system; helping sort out a fresh water system (water is needed I guess); doing lots of lessons (that’s for any teachers reading) learning Portuguese; not shouting at Ellie (ha); putting up with Ellie’s shouting (ha ha); going to bed early (11 o’clock); waking up early (9:30); and being all in all a good little boy (when that happens we’ll all die and nine year old girls would invade our planet AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!). Every day (virtually) we’ve been going up to our neighbours Eugenia and João at the call, “MARIA, Anda Ca Beve Café!!!"
During the time we have been back I have saved a hedgehog from being run over (typical, you would think they would have learnt by now) and looked after a salamander for a day.
Hedgy the hedgehog was wondering along when suddenly a big mean car comes up the road. But luckily for Hedgy Super Josh comes to the rescue. Super Josh and his friends looked after Hedgie for the day and make him a house with food and water. Later that night Hedgy comes back to say thank you before wondering off towards the main road (yep they never learn).
Sammy the salamander was wondering along around his water mine when suddenly it began to rain. The rain flushed him out of the water mine and into a concrete irrigation tank. After a shout from his little sister Super Josh came to the rescue. He fished him out and made him a house by a bigger irrigation tank. Sammy stayed the day before going missing the next day (probably back to his water mine.
(I can see this becoming a cartoon. Super Josh dumdum dum Super Josh dumdududumdum)
We have been going to Calado (translated as shut up (one of the words that Eugenia has learnt along with “I love you”; “butt”; and “butter” (strange combination I know))) to catch up with everyone and play playstation 2 (I left my games there). Me and Ellie have started going to school on Tuesdays and Fridays with the class that I might be in (please, Faz favor, por favor, anything) and are learning Portuguese.

Can’t wait till I get some more stuff to write about but until then, Adeus.

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