Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tree hugging cooks and a tractor

At some point in each of the decades of our lives we evaluate who on earth we think we are. For some I am sure this remains fairly constant in some shape or form. But for others, the answers we come up with vary with the seasons. River and I are now well into our thirties and have made a variety of decisions that have led us here into the heart of the Portuguese interior to forge out a brand new rural existence that inevitably is taking us down a path far less ordinary, fabulously more romantic and unimaginably abundant.

This week we are contemplating our life as tree hugging cooks.

We are restoring old stone houses into homes with huge hearths, cultivating a terraced mountainside and preparing to plant a whole new forest, tree by beautiful tree, that will one day become a fittingly grand setting for the life of 2 old romantic, tree hugging, flower loving, yoga practising, fruit and veggie planting, butter and cream using cooks.

It's all imaginary really. All of it. Surely it's our imaginations that power the direction of our lives. To dream. To explore the possibilities. To pursue it all with love and kindness. Right now we are living in the midst of an enormous sprawling Pine and Eucalyptus forest. One day, probably when we are in our 70s, we will be living in the heart of a fairytale wood in the middle of that forest. Hugging trees. Wandering through herb scented woodland paths. Picking home cultivated nuts, berries, fruits and an assortment of harvests. Then cooking to music, dining under grape vines, washing it down with glasses of our own precious wine. Gazing at stars. Thanking the Lord for all of it, with every breath we make.

But we are not there yet. We are here. Yet here is still a pretty lovely place.

Take a look.


Anonymous said...

Do not try to understand that which eludes you, 2012 is close and people like you will feel the most pain. Actions are not selfish acts! may you realm in your bowl.

The Winters said...

Not sure what you meant there, but força! I won't try to understand it. Happy 2012. And 2010 and 2011 too.


The Winters said...

The greatest joy is in the effort…

Stimulating thoughts. I was under the impression that all actions are essentially selfish because the actor will always receive something to the acknowledgement of themselves. No matter how apparently virtuous an action, the apparent doer gains. Perhaps I feel it safer territory to think that there are no selfless acts, consequently I am released from thinking myself as villain or martyr. Instead, perhaps all actions are a reflection of our capacity to interact with the stories of our lives and the lives of others under the Omnipresent Grace and Judgement. All we have to concentrate on then, are the consequences of our actions and those I think we are always held accountable for, whether our intentions be apparently selfish or selfless.

I hope if we ‘realm in this bowl’ that we realm as children do playing by the river on a hot day. If possible I would prefer not to realm, but to revel in what has been offered to us whatever it is, with as much awestruck gratitude as possible with the little time we have here on this planet whether that that time be up today, tomorrow, 2012 or beyond. Only time can reveal these things.

Finally, there are no people like you or people like me. Just people. We may share some common characteristics beyond that which identifies us as homo sapiens, we may even share blood, common history, culture, habits, thoughts or interests. But essentially each of us is unique deeply connected and distinctly separate. I wonder… if there is pain on such a scale as many suggest coming, then surely we will all feel it even if it is expressed in our own unique way. After all, is that not the way with all human experience?

Thank you for your comments, I didn’t understand and as you suggested I didn’t try but it was fun to play around with some lightly held thoughts.

Paz e amor.


Anonymous said...

When the rains come and the temperature drops, remember the warm days and the sun and the smiles! May you thrive with Hope; live in Faith(Trust), and surround youselves and your family and friends with Love - (Charity). This is the way of Peace,Fulfilment and Joy. Papops xxxx