Thursday, June 3, 2010

Xisto Slate Floors and Bye Bye Lovely Builders

Video blog of the final, yes final, fortnight of professional restoration work on our Xisto stone houses here at Moses. The builders left yesterday. Von and I are immensely grateful for them, especially for all that they taught us in the process. But now they're gone and we have the house to ourselves once again. 3 weeks til my Mum and Dad arrive and still a fair bit left to go before the house will be ready to receive them. Deep breath...


Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

Great Post very nicely done. I always wanted to do a restoration project, but seeing your videos I think you have to be prepared for anything that it is going to throw at you.
I realy wish you the best of luck with Moses.
Best regards Sam

The Winters said...

Thanks Sam. It's been a lovely change of life from what was also a good life in London. Yet here, every day we learn something new, about the culture, the people, the land. The old skills of living sustainably off a piece of mountain forest like this are dying off with the older generation, and we feel a sense of urgency to understand the old ways and deliver them safely into the hands of our children.

We've not been to the Algarve yet, but heard there are stretches unspoilt by the hand of man that still take your breath away. One day we must go to see for ourselves.