Saturday, October 2, 2010

Green Tomato Chutney and more wine making

I have a sneaky suspicion based on the arrival of a new wind today (and on hard evidence from online weather sites) that tomorrow the autumn rains will commence. We've felt and known that for a week or so now and like little mice scurrying around before a storm, we have been gathering firewood and pine cones, staining the last bits of wood around the house which are exposed to the elements, and daily harvesting and preparing more of the delicious fruits of River's labour of love, her 'horta bonita'.

Tarpaulins are on, covering a number of stacks of wood dotted around the houses on all sides, under which now reside a variety of tree trunks, branches, old floorboards and beams too rotten to salvage for building into other things and mounds of off cuts from all the new wood we used to build 2 roofs, a veranda, a green roof  and 4 floors this year, all of which we will burn in the stove to keep ourselves warm and heat our water this winter. We've not gathered it all in, but enough for us not to have to worry about dry fire wood probably at least til Christmas.

Now the rains can come and wash this land anew with its autumnal promise of a new season away from the harsh scorching heat of the summer sun. Warm, wet and windy. Boy, will the forest love it.

A few videos below from the last week or so. Guest starring Carline's brother Steven and his beautiful and expecting wife Sophie who flew in for an action packed weekend mostly involving the harvesting, making and consumption of quite a fair quantity of wine. Come back for olive harvest soon guys. You were great.

Hope all your encounters are full of lovely vibrations this week. It's much easier to feel less afraid if you turn off the TV and don't open a newspaper. Seriously.

Yours tomatoly,



James said...

You were right, in the last couple of days, we have had some rain also here in Lisbon. We can feel the Autumn already! It seems that in Moses you realy know how to enjoy every season...I also love the Vendimas, when I was living in the vilage, this was a very special and inspiring time, and this still lives within me. I´m looking forward for more news from Moses TV, and hoping to know more about you in the fantastic days ahead! Oh, and thank you for visiting my blog, soon you will have more messages about Gardens!

The Winters said...

t'obrigado james. estamos ancioso para falar sobre das jardims, sempre! vamos ver o teu blog novamente.

memphis and river.