Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inklings and Eric Cantona Rabbit Holes

Just 3 links for y'all today based on my inklings over these recent interesting days. Will leave it to you to make up your own mind. Be warned. Engaging in this 3 part little journey may prove to be a rabbit hole that drops you out in Wonderland. Enjoy.....

Now, take a view from the Clif on these 2 obscure videos released this week.

Peace and love and all the beautiful harmonies,


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Slbma said...

very very interesting. Thank you for posting these. They kind of confirm everything we have been talking about in the past few weeks/months. And the Eric Cantona clip, well that is particularly relevant to me at the moment!!!!!!!!! If only more people realised how controlled they are, but most seem not only oblivious, but completely disinterested *sigh* ... on a positive, we are hoping to come visit a property in February! Let's hope that will turn out to be our future... keep on the journey to Wonderland.