Friday, June 22, 2012

A few plugs

Just wanted to share the sites of 4 of our lovely yoga guests this month. First is Tashi Dawa, the beautiful dancing, singing, travelling, Aussie yoga teacher who won our hearts, taught us loads and encouraged us immensely during her stay here at Vale de Moses. Tashi, you have one more place on this amazing planet that you can consider home.

Second plug is for Chris and Anette (they're not the ones in the photo) who return on Monday to stay with us til Christmas in our newly restored Adega (new photos up next week) down by the river that runs through this valley, to deepen their practice of Suikido, a wonderful blend of dance, martial arts and yoga. We'll be building a new straw bale yoga shala / dojo this summer on the sugar maple tree terrace at the top of land, which we will be delighted to share with them while they are here.

Third 'shout out' is for the new yoga meditation pillows, Place, designed by Xana Lopes, a Portuguese shiatsu and reflexology therapist who is with us this week, and her sister. The pillows are big and generous and allow even for me to sit for more than 20 minutes without my body moaning. And that's saying something. We'l try to get some shots next week of the pillow in action to prove the point.

The last and most delicious plug of all today, is for a very special Dutchman, Jan-Bas, who is here to deeply recuperate after 2 years of hard hard work launching a precious gift to the world. The raw chocolate fair trade finest ingredients phenomenon Lovechock. They want to connect people with the pure essence of cocoa and put happiness inside of us all. Bless. If you are in Holland or Germany go ask your local health food shop to get it in. We can't wait til they start distributing this manna from heaven in Portugal. Força Lovechock!!

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