Saturday, June 29, 2013

Off to the beach...

We just said goodbye this morning to a lovely group on our Cultivate Contentment retreat. The summer is in full flow here in Portugal with temperatures soaring above 40 in the afternoon sun. We knew it would be hot, so we cheekily planned a couple of weeks off in our yoga season this year to enjoy it as a family.

In a bit I'm driving off with Von and the kids down to one of the most gorgeous stretches of Portuguese coastline, the Costa Vicentina. For a week of yoga, pool and surfing. We'll be staying with out friend Sara Serrão in her stunning Cerca do Sul place down there, and have invited folks to join us. 2 of our guests from the week just gone are meeting us there tonight, along with a few others journeying from cooler climes to basque in the sunshine with us.

To the beach, to the beach, to the beach!!! If you happen to be in Portugal this week, I know Sara still has a couple of rooms free. Come down and join us even if it's just for a night or 2. There's a Jazz festival there next weekend too. We're hoping to see some of it.

Other snitch of news from Vale de Moses to share is that Safira, our little black, blue-eyed forest guide of a dog, is shortly to birth heirs to the Moses dynasty. Safi is pregnant. A good 6 weeks by our reckoning. That means a slight chance she might pop some puppies out while we're away. So we have a fully trained, fully prepared, fully excited ("the puppies are coming, the puppies are coming!" team to look after her while we're gone. Katherine, Alex and Hannah. They've promised to take plenty of photos and vids, and if all goes well, watch our Facebook space for details of the new Royal arrivals (Moses granny won best of breed at Crufts don't you know!). We will be needing to find very good homes for all the little puppies. Give us a shout if you'd like to be considered as adoptive parents. :)

"Saude, paz e amor" as they say round these parts. Hope you are having a great summer wherever you are.


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