Friday, January 8, 2010

Great first Guardian blog by our neighbours

A good year for the olives

Charlie Skelton moved to Portugal to live quietly and eat custard tarts. Then he realised he'd bought an olive farm ...

We are very very proud of them. But if you were in any doubt that people are struggling over there in the UK and elsewhere, check out the unbelievably spiteful nastiness of some people's comments. This kind of move touches some pretty deep nerves out there.

New post from us soon. Needless to say we're back at the stone walls. Ice nor rain could keep us off them. Peace and Happy New Year to you all.

Memphis and River.


Anonymous said...

Great information about Olive harvesting! Envious city dwellers rejoice that a few adventurous souls are prepared to return to a more 'natural' way of life/living. Keep telling us more and we'll all see the sense in it!! Papops.

Anonymous said...

Well done to you, true nature lovers. Your lifestyle is inspiring
(unlike the bitterness of some of youe detractors! Ignore them and carry on your good work. There's no room for hostile envy, only for respect and encouragement!.