Saturday, January 30, 2010

Return to Trace

Hey guys just a really quick one this morning.  Will try upload more details of what I am up to.  But just to say I am really well.  Gardening, gardening, gardening.  Actually digging holes, land looks like a rather large mole has been through it.  Craters appearing everywhere ready for the new moon planting season in Feb.

Best thing has been finding Tracy Chapman again.  Lost her for a few years but now she is back in my life and all seems so much sweeter when she is singing.  If you fancy an album to pull at the heart strings and leave you in complete acceptance of what is but a determination to do your best at living check out her album, Tracy Chapman, "New Beginning".  Its beautiful man, listen and fall in love.

Peace love and all good things to all,

River xxx

P.S. Our friend Charlie and Hannah have their next blog up. Some great advice on how not to and how to pick olives for the best tasting olive oil...

The olive oil barons

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then Charlie Skelton is the deadliest olive farmer in Portugal

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