Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Renovation Update

Our builders return, the sun comes out and renovation work starts up again in earnest, while Vonnie continues to open up more holes and plant more trees along the road and sow more seeds in the lounge. Snow still on mountain tops of Serra da Estrella here in the photo in the distance.

Coming to the end of term so kids and I are a bit whacked, as is River, as you can imagine, after planting for so long. We are all looking forward to the Easter hols next week in which we will have Von's mum Arlene over for a fortnight as well as John and Caroline Purday and their girls for an extended weekend.

Some videos below on the restoration update but first one is an inside view of our compost heap. Making your own soil, or at the very least improving and caring for what you've already got, feels like one of those things that is going to become increasingly important for humanity. Can't explain that. Just feel it.

I will write something more substantive over Easter. My heads spinning a bit right now with all that's going on here. It's full on, and of course it's all delicious.

Peace and all good things



James said...

I only want to say that your blog is pure entertainment for me, It´s so good to know about some English family that leaves London to live in my own country… to live the way I would love to live some day in the future. Keep telling about your story, I will be passing by!!
Parabéns, força ai!!

The Winters said...

Thanks James. We hope more Portuguese people will return to cultivate the land here like they used to a few decades ago. O proximo blog, tem ser em Portuguese não é? Vem quando quiseres. André.

James said...

I think what you are trying to do is called Permaculture...it´s a more ecological approach to agriculture and gardening!
LOL sim, também acho que o próximo blog tem que ser em português...parece-me que tens um dominio muito bom da nossa
lingua. Força!