Monday, April 5, 2010

Grand Designs in Portugal

Hey peeps. Hope you like the new look to the blog. Felt it needed a little refreshing and chose autumn leaves cos one day its gonna feel like that here with the new forest Von just planted!

Anyhow, big news this week is that Von's mum Arlene is with us. And its fabulous to have her here. The kids are stuck to her 24 7 like little fluffy limpets. Adorable. Well just look...

Other big news is that we began the green roof today. It's been so so long since we first imagined a green roof and it was beginning to feel like it might never happen. But then today came. And all doubt dissipated into thin air.

Von and I watched the Grand Design series back when we were in London, always fascinated by the way people with a passion could, sometimes against all odds, transform ruins into beautiful homes and works of art with the same stroke. Today felt like one of those episodes. Except we were the stars of the show and, thank God, no one was watching. A most excellent day. One to be cherished for a very long time. 3 vids below let you take a peak. Middle one's in Portuguese but you'll catch the sentiment.

Von will post up something on her rampant gardening endeavours. As soon as I can actually get her to come inside. She's weeding the veggie patch as I write. Don't expect to see her before sunset. A taste of things to come me thinks. And quite rightly so. She's pouring herself into this land with every bit of strength and love she has to offer. Enabling nature to put on such a show, the like of which I don't think we will have seen before.

Peace and love and all good things



Ben Jah Min said...

Wicked guys. Can't wait to come and see you. How bout a green basket ball half court?

James said...

Well the result is really amazing; it really seems quite solid...and the view from there...god it´s really a beautiful place, congratulation on your green roof…I can imagine much more work still to come. Will it be hard to keep all the structure protected from the wet since you will have plants in your roof?

The Winters said...

Ben, we are working on it. watch this space. but green or otherwise it will always be my house, you never gonna win! but wouldn't that be lovely, to play 1 on 1 one day again.

The Winters said...

james, tomorrow we pour on the liquid rubber to seal the wood. i will explain all na semana que vem on the blog. thanks for your encouraging words. they mean alot. t'obrigado.