Saturday, December 25, 2010

For my River.

For you
From whom such sweet sweetness flows
For you
To whom our faces irresistibly follow as sunflowers to the sun
For you
Always you

Flow not into the sea just yet. For there is more.
Much more. Here and to come.
To soothe. To soften. To see.
For you
Always you

Waiting. In hope. Look, the buds on our planted trees wait for Spring.
And we for you.
Always you.
For you. For you. For you.


Baba said...

I love you all...
I love you River...
I'm here for you... you are not alone

gaffycowan said...

Andy, this is the most beautiful poem and heart cry. I am here for you all at a physical distance, but a spiritual closeness. I love you, Vonnie and your AMAZING kids. As Peig Sayers says; Friendship is the fast root in my heart, it is like a white rose in the wilderness.

Sending rest, peace and moments of hope, your wee WOWer, xx

Anonymous said...

Andy, this is such a beautiful, moving poem. Thank you for posting it. Thinking of you.

H&C xxxxx

James said...

Espero que o Novo Ano continue a ser tão bonito como o ano passado. Que Moses nos possa inspirar como até aqui. Boas Festas, Feliz Ano Novo!

David said...

I love this post and say "YES" to it. Thinking of you especially at this time,

Much love, David & Pam