Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quantitative Easing

For those still unsure just how ridiculous the state of global government debt is, watch this. You'll get it.

If you're still interested in these type of stories not usually screened on average mainstream media, do check out George Ure's blog Urban Survival. Nice. If you're interested in official definition of what Quantitative Easing, check here on Wiki, before the net shuts down completely. Some day shortly. Unless the revolutionaries win. And we get more Diaspora stuff where information doesn't actually "live" anywhere at all so no one can control it.

Peace to all our friends in London right now with the Student Fee Rise just passed. We hear there are horses crashing through student protesters. Time for the peacemakers to make their stand.

As I keep saying, get ready. Be prepared to wage peace.

Love from the mountains.  Memphis.

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