Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to Moonbeam - by Effie Starlight (that's me, Eloise)

Here I am again and I know you guys are probably thinking “humph, I bet she’s not going to finish her blog again. Humph.” Ah but oh no I’m going to finish my blog, and that’s that. Probably because I had already written it out before but let’s forget that. Anyway, what I am doing is a poem and I wrote ‘poem’ because if I had written ode you mightn’t have understood!!! Ok let’s get to the blooming point, and if you know me I do tend to jibber jabber!!! Finally before I jibber jabber more I’ll start writing… well technically I have already started writing but… oh here I go again jibber jabbering!! Now I think to myself am I actually going to start my poem?

Anyway, I am going to right now!! So ‘então’ (so!!) lets get started!!

Moonbeam Pocahontas ("Jerry")

There once was an old lady who lived in Bacelo
Spent all her whole life wanting to play the cello
She had 60 cats yet she still wanted more
When she said to her friends “I’m so bored im so bored!”
Then her friends said to her “get more cats get more cats!”
She got lots more cats til she had 603!!
So they lived all their life, poor "Tom and Jerry"!!
By me.

Well hope you liked it you ought to because I have only done like 3 and a half blogs in the whole of the poopineurope tour so you better be grateful!!! Only joking!
So where was I oh yes oh no I forgot again oh yeeaaaaaaahh!! Its "Tom"'s b-day tomorrow and since we don’t have a oven (yet)
So when we went to shantii b’s place mount of oaks they made a lovely crumble any way that’s not the point the point is the thing that she cooked it in takes an awfully long time but never mind so now the point IS that she made it in a solar oven so now for "Ts b-day we are making a solar oven and in about 10 minutes so I better start writing ah yes but it wont be in 10 minutes for you lot he he he!!

Now I am having a little trouble with what pictures to use so well actually I know now!!! So maybe just maybe you will catch me into another blog but like I said maybe!!
But ah well bye for now!!

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