Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When the weather outside is sunny - by Falcon

Sorry guys for not writing a blog in ages it’s been a while but I finally got round to it. Hope you missed me coz I'm here now. Last time I wrote was a long time ago so there will be a lot to write (some times though its hard to write a lot)

Sunshine Dundee (Peter) and Memphis Bellows (dad) rendered the house of Hari (Portugal is getting to me!) first of all with cement for the structural strength of it (just saying the way Dundee does don’t worry if you don’t have a clue when I’m writing this) and then in Hydraulic Lime for the eco way and because lime breathes (yeah, just blame it on the Sunshine). After that we painted Hari’s house (took me a while to write that in the ‘correct’ manner) and scraped all the lime of the bare stones (Sunshine’s good but he likes to leave a good mess). Now Casa de Hari (three different ways, I should be in the Guinness World Records) looks like a Moroccan house (when I read back on that I feel like I’m a commentator on a T.V. DIY program (with the dodgy American advertisement accent)).

Sunshine left for home and we looked after Bacelo (like a bunch of 16 year olds would when they have a house to themselves). Pocahontas Moonbeam came back with her big strong crocodile wrestler (ha) and brought Dirty Hari and Barry Blue (the cats’ new names) back with her. The princess had arrived with her boxes of ‘one-more-things’ one for during the day, one for midnight, and 5000 for 5 in the morning (I don’t know where she gets all the ideas from. She probably has the boxes in the attic somewhere)! With all the cats and Slinky Belita Heidi Rachelle Winter the new kitten arrival who thinks she’s a dog (poor soul. 5c fine if I said s*d), Angel ran off for a while just coming back for food (don’t worry; she’s lying next to me now).

We started working on A Casa do Putos (the house of the kids), not A Casa das Putas (big difference between Putos and Putas one means kids and one means prostitutes the problem is they sound very similar when said with a Portuguese accent so we’ve decided not to use them as it might give the wrong impression of the type of tourism project we are making here!).

We signed up for school and people here go into school a year later so we’ll learn everything we already know again but in a completely different language. The veggies are coming along and our courgettes are bl… let’s say really big.

I’ve kind of got a reputation of winning in this town of Olieros, after wining a diving contest at school with a backwards dive off a 2.20 meter diving board at the Praia Fluvial (beach river directly translated), and I won the most original photograph in the competição de biodiversidade de Olieros; Flora (flower) e Fauna (creature). All 11 of my photos were shown in the best of all the photos.

We have been going to Shantii B’s and we have learnt a lot from the amazing hippies that go there. It seems that whenever we go there a question gets answered. If it wasn’t for Josh and Rosie Mother wouldn’t have discovered how to grow such gigantic veggies.

Our friends hawk-eye millions, cashmere snaps, Morton twinkle-toes, and Thumbelina goldilocks (Jon, Caroline, Maya and Violet) have just left for Lisbon after staying here 10 days. Jon is an artist and Caroline is a photographer (hopefully they will stay here. They have already found a place that they like). Jon has been drawing like mad and Caroline has been taking photos while teaching me how to at the same time.

It always seems like such a lot to write about but it never ever is it just seems to flow. Ate Já.

P.S. I promised Anoushka (tooshi) Jago that I will write something about the Jago family in here. We are missing you guys loads and you gotta come out here PLEASE!!!!!!

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