Friday, August 8, 2008

Wishing on a Wind Turbine

Just a quick video this week from River, shot on top of the hills on the road to Madeira that we took returning from Serta yesterday after completing on the purchase of the house called Moses originally bought by Michelle last year. River's excitement expressed is mainly in part because the new road and terrace project is almost complete on the land at Moses. It's been an absolutely massive landscaping adventure, carving out huge chunks of the hills to make 5 terraces and an interconnecting winding road that will form the bold sculptural structure for the breathtakingingly beautiful gardens River is planning to create there pver the next few years. Next week I will ask Falcon to take some his fab pics. The views are resplendent and the potential feels boundless. Tonight we are off to celebrate with thousands of others at our town's local summer Festa in Oleiros. So, enough from me. Over to the one who still never fails to make my heart skip. What a privilge to share this life with such as she. Speak River.

Wish upon a star (or at least every time you find yourself under a windmill)...

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